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ChangeLog - History


        x now based on object-infrastructure from nfo/perl/libs
        x setup nfo/perl/libs at a common location - propose this for nfo-sysadmin-rfcs
            cd /data/libs
            export CVSROOT=/var/lib/cvs
            cvs checkout nfo/perl/libs
        x refactored
           x created: etc/ bin/ var/ doc/
           x renamed to 'dispatchmail'
              cd /data/opt
              cvs checkout -d dispatchmail nfo/perl/scripts/dispatchmail
              cd dispatchmail
        x now using 'run_cmd' from org::netfrag::shortcuts
        x new: install-script (creates symbolic links to dispatchmail in /etc/mail/smrsh/ and /usr/local/bin/)
        x new: just put "|dispatchmail" into your "~/.forward"-file!
        x use file '.recievemailrc' to specify the location of the rules-file?
            now uses "$HOME/" directly!
        x refactored to Mail::Audit::Dispatch
        o implement Mail::Audit::Newsgate
            x perl -MCPAN -eshell
                x install Net::NNTP
                x install News::Article
            x add account to inn: 'collector'
                x add line to /etc/news/nnrp.access
                   *:Read Post:collector:col5%:*
                x root@quepasa:/home# /etc/init.d/inn reload
        o TODO: implement Mail::Audit::Faxgate
           x checked in 'mail-handler' (by janosch) to bin/  -  refactor from that!
        o better/automated setup (from cvs|package)
            (see steps needed in attachment....)
        o autocreate folders
             loading rules from "/data/home/newscollector/Mail/"
             running "rules::dispatch"
             delivering to: /data/home/newscollector/Mail/Inbox
             deliver_to path "/data/home/newscollector/Mail/Inbox" doesn't exist
             defaulting to spool delivery (/var/spool/mail/)
            ---> add tip here: "do a 'touch Inbox' in this case?
            ---> add feature here: just create the folder automagically, if "autocreateFolders = 1" in configuration!!!


   x recieveMail now can run globally (/etc/mail/smrsh!)
     x $HOME is taken from $ENV{HOME} or $ENV{PWD}
     x rules are taken from $HOME/Mail/
     x fallback mechanism(s)
   x bugfixes


   x $LOGFILE is used now (recievemail.log)
   x tracing (uses $LOGFILE)
   x checks delivery path for existance - changes $LOGFILE if needed


   x added filtering by target (destination-routing) - looks in "to", "cc" and "bcc"


   x initial internal release

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