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Use it as a central storage for Account-, Configuration- and Preference-Informations. Configure services to authenticate against LDAP, see LinuxOnStage.

Miscellanous Research and Pointers

Session 1, 2004-11-06

Session 2, 2004-11-08

Session 3, 2004-11-26

LDAP - tasks (Session 4, 2004-12-15)

    (o) continue with CPU on coLinux
    (o) mod_ldap_userdir? - mod_ldap_userdir is a module that enables the Apache web server to look up user home directories (for /~user URLs) 
        from an LDAP directory:
    (o) mod_psldap:
    (o) LDAP Users Admin:
    (o) debian: sendmail routing with
    (o) OpenCA & LDAP
    (o) "forward" attribute for sendmail-ldap?
    (o) phpLDAPadmin:
        extend functionality:
        (o) Sendmail User Entry (virtuser SendmailMTAMap)
        (o) Addressbook (Folder) Entry: MAPI/OLE/Mozilla interop
    (o) send ldap links to janosch to links-computing also
    (x) using regexes in acls
    (o) Apache and LDAP
        (o) LDAP authentication module for apache (mod_auth_ldap)
        (o) auth_ldap:
        (o) mod_ldap.c
    (o) store Apache VirtualHost configuration in LDAP?

        Re: Apache LDAP

        Re: Apache config in LDAP
    (o) Apache Module mod_webauthldap

LDAP - various (Session 5, 2004-12-15)

    (o) OpenLDAP as ADS???
    (o) store automount information to LDAP?
    (o) LookAt:
    (o) OpenLDAP and indexes?
    (o) LAM - LDAP Account Manager:
    (o) LookAt: 
        back-monitor, back-shell, back-sql
    (o) LookAt:
    (o) Asterisk + LDAP!
    (o) LDAP CLI Scripts:
    (o) RADIUS:
    (o) LDAP POPPass Daemon:
    (o) LDAP to DNS gateway:
    (o) Samba TNG and Unix Accounts with LDAP:
    (o) LuaLDAP - A Lua interface to the OpenLDAP library:
    (o) OpenLDAP for Win32
    (o) LTAP - Lightweight Trigger Access Process:
    (o) Ratstone:
    (o) Ganymede:
    (o) Eve:
    (o) LookAt: GOsa
        LDAP Server Administration with GOsa
        GOsa² - Der GONICUS System Administrator
    (o) [Auth_ldap] Domino LDAP, require group & auth_ldap troubleshooting
    (o) LSD - Tools and Software for LDAP/Directory based Internet applications