Meta Data Rendering

Various meta data can be stored in topics - MetaDataDefinition

This is rendered using the %META% variable. This is mostly used in the view, preview and edit scripts.

At present support is fairly basic:

Variable usage: Comment:
%META{"form"}% Show form data, see Form Templates
%META{"attachments"}% Show attachments, excluding hidden ones
options for attachments:
all="on" Show all attachments i.e. including hidden ones
%META{"moved"}% Details of any topic moves
%META{"parent [options]"}% Show topic parent
options for parent:
dontrecurse="on" By default recurses up tree, this has some cost
prefix="..." Prefix that goes before parents, but only if there are parents, default ""
suffix="..." Suffix, only appears if there are parents, default ""
seperator="..." Seperator between parents, default is " > "

Possible future additions:

-- JohnTalintyre - 29 Aug 2001