Separate each paragraph with a blank line.

To display a word or phrase in bold type, surround it by asterisks.

To display a word or phrase in italic, surround it by underscores.

To display a word or phrase in bold italic, surround it by double underscores.

To link to another Wiki topic, type the WikiWord for that topic. To link to a Wiki topic in another web, type the name of the web, a dot, and the WikiWord for that topic (i.e., Test.Home).

If you add a WikiWord for a topic that does not yet exist, you'll see a question mark after it, prompting you (or someone else) to edit the new topic. After that has been done, the WikiWord will be automatically recognized as a link to the new Wiki page.

For an external hyperlink, just type the URL ( starting with http:// ).

  1. Start items in a numbered list with space-space-space-1-space.
  2. (The "1" will be replaced by the correct number).

To include an image inline, just type its URL. You also can attach an image to the page and display it with text %ATTACHURL%/imagefile.jpg .

To display a word or phrase in MONOSPACED TYPE, surround it by '=' characters.

   Surround code excerpts and other
formatted text with
<pre> and </pre> tags.

Use five consecutive hyphens for a horizontal rule.

To see the markup for any page, click on "Edit" at the bottom of the page.

See TextFormattingRules for more detail.