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Sounds funny, doesn't it? =)

I just know a few of things about Anna 2. So who did build her or where did she get that name - two things i don't know.

Some time ago i were looking for a RC model for carrying my selfmade RC system for testing. It had to be safe (An airplane is nearly dead when has fallen down =9) and stable, big enough and rough so that the assembly would be fast and easy. A good friend told me about Anna 2, an old-styled fish boat which he had bought cheap years ago. Her condition was terrible (in the eyes of a model fan ;) but she was (and still is!) waterproof - but the Steven pipe don't was.

Some time more elapsed as i was inspecting my cellar. In one eye Anna, in the other 2 modules. A 433 Mhz serial transmitter and a reciever module for transmitting telemetric data. The idea now was to construct a remote controlled fish boat using all that stuff i still already had.

(more to come)

So long... some pix -> ANNA 2 Photos

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